Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Marathon - Getting into the routine

Sailing is a study of the skies
We're started our regime, a morning run and cool down with upper body  strength exercises three days a week. It's very relaxing on the back of the boat but the body needs exercise. Back home in New York I'd be dressed in my winter running outfit but here it's just a tee shirt and shorts.

We took a ride around the anchorage area to see if there were anyone we knew and found one boat we knew, "King of Hearts" but nobody was aboard. We met them on our first trip down the ICW at the visitors' center at the Dismal Swamp and it's good to see that they're still traveling down the ditch.

Our evening entertainment
We took Hoolie in which is becoming easier with the lengthening of the days and next weekend we're looking forward to the time change where we get an extra house of daylight at the end of the day which coincides with Hoolie's trip ashore. So once again it's a calm night, temp at 75, hard to ask for better.