Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ft Pierce - Farmers' Market Day and the Seafood Festival

Beautiful fruit
Ft Pierce had two events happening today: the weekly farmers' market every Saturday morning and the once per year seafood festival also on this Saturday. Wanting some fresh produce, we first went to the farmers' market and found a wide assortment of fresh items. As you might imagine, the grapefruit is just wonderful down here so we picked up a 10 pack of fruit. Like at any fair, there were a wide variety of booths that had nothing to do with a farmers' market but made for interesting browsing nonetheless. There were well over 100 booths and we wondered what the seafood festival could have that this market did not since the market also sold hot lunch items. In the middle of the morning, the heavens opened up and rain poured and everyone headed for cover but it was short lived.

That's Ann hiding in the corner
Heading over to the seafood festival, we saw an even bigger collection of booths with everything imaginable for sale. The difference here being the abundant seafood available. We had attended the seafood festival at Marathon but didn't want to wait the hour or so it took in line to reach the food. Here it was much better, no more than a five minute wait at most. They knew how to serve food, the secret being having many, many food vendors - not just a few like at Marathon. So we had our first taste of fried clams in a year but they were the strips and not the full belly clams we like but clams nevertheless. I splurged and bought Ann a lobster roll, nothing like in Maine but when you've been without lobster for over a year, it's a good substitute.

Every morning we have fresh grapefruit - Adams' is okay but this is fresher
It is definitely heating up here, 86 here today - time to move north to escape the heat... We'll spend Sunday with the Fitchetts and then head to Vero Beach on Monday for a week.