Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ft Lauderdale - last day

If the mooring balls are all taken, there's an anchorage available just north of the bridge

On the ICW you come to appreciate some very mundane things. This particular marina has the best laundry facilities on the ICW. It is air conditioned and they have eight washers and dryers which are never hardly used. Pair that with a huge, flat table for folding and it's great.

Rent-A-Bike, popular in Florida, self serve, note the solar power
So after we got over the excitement of doing laundry...We took another walk among the crowds. It is spring break time in spades. The parking lot next to the marina has cars circling constantly, looking for an empty space - but there are just not any. Outside the city lots (which are usually full) the parking goes for $20 per entry (not per day). If they are full, and we've seen them full several times, then there's always the $30/entry lots under the hotels if you can find one willing to rent out a space. It's definitely a seller's market during spring break.

We plan to make the 8:15 bridge opening on Monday morning, heading north to the Palm Beach Yacht Center by Joe Mastri for two days. We need to provision, visit with Joe and Ann needs to see her doctor from last year for a checkup. She's hoping for a much better score card than last year on the breath test.