Friday, March 21, 2014

Ft Pierce City Marina - at a dock

Bill and Sharman's condos as we passed by on the ICW
We passed by Fitchett's condo this morning on the way to Ft Pierce, right on the ICW. We'll meet up with them on Sunday for exploring the area. We are going to their place for lunch and then out to dinner later that evening.

Once again we came in with 15+ kt winds behind us but did much  better this time, Ann docked perfectly
Meanwhile, we discovered that Ft Pierce is having a seafood festival on Saturday and supposedly Maine lobster although I'll believe it when I see it. At any rate, we'll head to the fairground and see what they have to offer. We also discovered that there's a farmers' market every Saturday morning right by the marina and we'll check that out too. We are always in need of fresh vegetables. We can keep frozen vegetables and some amount in the refrigerator but fresh vegetables are another story.

A variety of sculptures around the area
The marina here is huge. We had wanted to visit the marina to compare it to Titusville as a spot to keep our  boat while we're up north in November and December of this year. However, not only is it more expensive, it's also noisier and there's no dog park for Hoolie to run free. Also, running paths are along city streets instead of out in the country as in Titusville. Mostly though, it's more expensive at $13/ft compared to $10/ft per month in Titusville. So I think we're going to repeat our stay at Titusville in the fall.

I think this guy is about to take a dive...
We'll be here through Sunday night, leaving Monday morning for Vero Beach. We'are on our homeward leg.