Saturday, March 8, 2014

Marathon - Our last day

No, I decided not to get this hat...
We had intended leaving Marathon this morning but when we looked at the latest weather report, it didn't seem the best decision. So we shot it back and forth for several minutes and then enjoyed the morning. We definitely want to leave Sunday morning. There's a change of weather coming down the coast on Friday and we want to beat the front to Ft Lauderdale. So we intend sailing to Tavernier on Sunday and then on to Marine Stadium on Monday. The trip to Ft Lauderdale will be dependent on picking the best day before Friday.

I always wondered why anyone would want 1200 hp on such a small boat??
Well, we had wanted to see the Marathon Seafood Festival anyway so we wandered over there around noon and, of course, the place was packed. We just had fun looking around. We had wanted to eat lunch there but so did everybody else - the lines were 1/2 hour long, too much for us.

By Key Fisheries where we ate dinner
On Sunday morning we'll compare the NOAA Marine Forecast and grib wind forecast and then decide what to do. Of the two, we've found the grib forecast to be more accurate. The NOAA coastal forecasts always seem to be exaggerated - a worst case I guess but they go too far most of the time.