Thursday, March 6, 2014

Marathon - A new head and stormy weather

Here comes the storm!!
We rented a car from Enterprise to enable convenient provisioning and I also stopped by West Marine to pick up a new head for the forward cabin. The Publix was packed, you could hardly move through the aisles! It was only a Thursday but if you're the only supermarket within 30 miles, I guess you have quite an attraction.

Our forward head was 10 years old so it was time for a replacement. The brand we had (Jabsco) sells new ones that are exact replacements down to the exact same bolt holes in the floor of the head. That is very important if you want to minimize installation time. So now we have a new head, not very exciting but quite a requirement for a cruising boat!

We had a change of weather today. We had reserved a table at Lazy Days at 6:00 but a line storm came roaring by and we were stuck on the boat with rain until 8:00. Ann had a backup plan so we fared pretty well. We continue to pour over the weather reports and Saturday still looks like a good day for going east.  You can be sure we'll be checking the weather prediction every few hours until Saturday morning. Meanwhile we're due for high winds until the rest of the front passes by on Friday night. However, the temperatures are still warm (in the 70's) so we're not complaining.