Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Marine Stadium - A chill out day (not in temperature...)

Marine Stadium - needs renovation
After a long day yesterday, we just decided to take it easy today. Hoolie greeted us with an upchuck followed by diarrhea but he managed to reach shore first. For some reason dogs seem to think they have to gobble down whatever they run across, no matter how vile. Unfortunately, we get the result of non-digestible finds back on our boat! He seems to be somewhat better tonight and we'll know for sure tomorrow morning.

They are removing some derelict boats and scrap iron - good riddance 
On the way to get gas for the dinghy, we cruised by the outdoor arena (Marine Stadium)  that has gone into disrepair. Amazingly enough, there was a group interested in restoring the stadium to its past glory that actually encouraged graffiti "artists" to come to Miami just to "decorate" the stadium with their work, some all the way from New York. I guess it was a way to draw attention to the plight of the stadium but the results look terrible. Restoration has picked up steam in the last few months and perhaps it will  be restored after all.

Maybe happer times are in store for Marine Stadium in the future
I got gas for the dinghy and ice for the boat so we're all set for the next week. We'll go north on Sunday to Ft Lauderdale and then to Joe Mastri's place for a couple of days in Boynton Beach. We've scheduled a visit with the Fitchetts on 3/22 and then we'll pick up old friends from our Air Force days for a week's ride up the ICW. Time to have more fun!