Saturday, March 1, 2014

Marathon - We get a mooring

The beach on the south side of Marathon, it's public and free
We had been prepared to wait until Monday for a mooring to free up but we got a call this afternoon that one was available. We were number 10 on the waiting list but still got a mooring after one day. So I went in and paid for a week's stay and we're all set.

This afternoon we took a ride down Sister's Creek by the last vestige of Voice of America, the transmitters that pump out a signal to Cuba. They are so powerful that they disrupt GPS signals in the area. We wanted to give Hoolie some exercise so we made the trip to the beach by the southern entrance to Marathon. Unfortunately, it was low tide, almost like quicksand but not quite. Hoolie bounded around some and with much carrying of sand, returned to the dinghy.

Another Marathon sunset, always nice to see
The weather is quite a contrast compared to last year. It's much milder and with less wind;. However, since we're now on a mooring, it really doesn't matter much since the harbor is protected 360. We'll be here a week most likely (weather dependent) just relax from all the excitement of Key West...