Monday, March 17, 2014

Palm Beach Yacht Center at Hypoluxo - at a dock

Lots of sharp things to bump into - 25 kt winds on the aft
Today we had 15 bridges to pass through starting at 8:15 am. In this part of the ICW, Florida has it well organized. All the bridges can be made in sequence without waiting provided you can average 7 kts. Some open at the top of the hour and 1/2 past, some at 15 til and 15 after and some every 20 minutes. The times are coordinated depending upon the distance between the bridges. This coordination contrasts with the poor timing of bridges farther north, especially in North Carolina where several open only once an hour.

As we proceeded northward, the wind started to pick up to in the 20's and as we rounded to head for our slip at Palm Beach Yacht Center, we saw gusts to 28 kts. Our slip faced southward, directly from where the wind was coming from, not a good sign. As usual Ann was at the helm and she turned the corner into the slip just right and shoved it into reverse and rev'ed it up but I forgot about our trailing dinghy. The wind pushed it between the boat and the dock that had lots of sharp looking oyster shells on the pilings! After a few anxious moments, we managed to free the dinghy and the rest of the docking was fine.

We met Joe Mastri who came to pick us up for dinner which we ordered over the internet (Papa John's Pizza) and had it delivered right to Joe's door at 6:00 pm (you can schedule for a future delivery date and time, up to two weeks in the future). They have an impressive website, it's all automated and there's always a Papa John's Pizza nearby.

Joe will pick us up Tuesday morning for Ann's doctor's visit and then we're off to the Banana Boat for lunch. Meanwhile, we're supposed to get thunderstorms tonight with lots of wind, oh boy.