Monday, January 7, 2013

Not on the boat yet

It's been an exciting Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. We had returned north for the holidays and had a great time with our grandkids over Christmas, priceless. We had intended leaving on the day before New Year's Eve for our annual party in North Carolina with the Zeisings to be followed by a visit with the Acostas in Tampa but it was not to be. We both came down with something similar to a bad cold but seemed much worse, we were out of circulation for about a week. One thing about cruising, you're isolated from most infections so we're probably more prone to catching things than most people.

Eventually the colds subsided and we took off a week later than planned, headed for Stuart where our boat spent the holidays at the Loggerhead Marina. However, Ann's foot encountered a curb when walking the dog and her head found the concrete sidewalk. On to the nearest Urgent Care center and they took one look at Ann's bump on her head and sent her to the hospital right away! Two hours later after a CAT scan and other analyses which were negative as far as finding anything wrong, we were on our way again.

We're currently in Savannah and plan on reaching Fleetwing Tuesday afternoon, wish us luck!


Thehoc1 said...

And a Happy New Year to you both.!! I also wish a HEALTHY 2013 and better start for the New Year.
Be safe.