Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Key West - Lunch at Sunset Key

Big ship - little shuttle 
Today's adventure was a trip to Sunset Key for lunch. It's an island that's now a setting for exclusive condos and a very nice restaurant, Latitudes. Part of the fun is the free shuttle to the island if you make a reservation for the restaurant. You pick up the shuttle at the Weston Inn for a scenic ride out to the key. There is a fleet of boats  north of the island on moorings and also just at anchor. The area is not very well protected and they must have been rocked by the high winds and waves over the last few days. Nevertheless, there must be 50 or more boats out there. The only shore access is in our harbor so it's a wet ride if the wind is blowing.

The restaurant is nestled in among the palm trees in the distance
A cruise ship was in town today which we had to avoid on the way out to the Sunset Key. It seemed much too large to us, we're used to much smaller boats. There was a small gap that the shuttle navigated through and we were off.

One of the many schooners on a day sail for tourists
Arriving at the key we found the dock is right at the restaurant. From our table we had a spectacular view of the turquoise ocean. We had grouper that was caught right here in this morning. I have to admit that the food in Key West has always been of the highest order. They do have excellent chefs and they come from all over the country -must be the climate. Leathen and I walked around after lunch and wondered how much one of these large condos would go for, some are full houses. Everything was immaculate!

We've really eaten too much this trip (but we're not done yet!!) We couldn't take in anything for dinner, we were all full. Wednesday it's a day at the beach followed by dinner at Blue Heaven.