Thursday, January 24, 2013

Marathon - getting ready for crew and moving day on Saturday

What a great store for boaters in Marathon!
Mostly we spent the day continuing getting the boat ready for crew. By now, the aft cabin is clear of all the accumulations gathered over the past four months. We heard yesterday from the Mehaffeys and they're due to arrive around mid day on Friday. We had planned on spending several days in Marathon  but the weather window is now, not later. If there's one thing we learned, it's to take a weather window when it comes - never mind what you wanted to do instead, take the window!

Flowers everywhere - even at Home Depot
Within a 10 minute walk there is a Home Depot, a full sized store and a treasure for the area. You can even buy a palm tree for $99 if you have a mind to. So I shopped for odds and ends we might need - you can never just go in and look...

Here's the reason for the great LTE speeds!

I continue to be impressed with Verizons's LTE high speed internet. I'm consistently getting 15 to 20Mbps, as fast as my cable connection at home which is no slouch. However, my connection in New York has no download limit where I'm currently in the 4Gbyte plan with Verizon so I have to watch my usage. No watching of movies like from Netflix or Amazon Prime but it's fine for mail, the blog and surfing the internet - just no YouTube and no movies.