Saturday, January 26, 2013

Key West - a 42 mile sail!!

Notice the platform at the bow for stepping off the boat
We pushed off the mooring at Marathon at 7:00 am, first light. The sun came up, the wind piped higher, the waves were mostly smooth, the temperature at 75 - what a glorious day! The wind was out of the northeast which put the wind across land before reaching us, resulting in much less wave action. So for 42 miles, we sailed with winds from 12 to 20 kts just aft of a beam reach - perfect for a comfortable sail.

Key West was alive with action, people everywhere and a cruise ship was in the harbor. We made it into our slip without mishap and tied up with our usual arrangement. We dropped the anchor and placed a wooden platform across the bow roller to provide an easy step from the bow to the high dock. We were offered a side dock but we prefer the bow in dock for the privacy it affords. We don't find getting on and off the boat to be a problem.

Nothing like Schooner Wharf - always with a band
For dinner it as off to Schooner Wharf for drinks and food and to listen to the night's band under the stars. Schooner does not have a roof and the floor is gravel - such is Key West. It was just great to sit and listen to the band, we were about 10 ft away. After returning to the boat, Leathen and I took a walk down Duval Street, the main drag in Key West, a unique experience - hard to describe. As you walked down the street, you would notice one band only for it to fade into the next band as you passed the bars along the way.

On Sunday we plan on having Cuban Coffee Queen Cuban Mix sandwiches and then visit Mallory Square for the sunset - hard to describe a better plan for Key West.