Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Key West - A day at the beach and Blue Heaven

Sun, sand - put yourself in this picture
Fort Zachary is a state park in Key West that is a favorite of both the local crowd and the tourists. The beach faces south but is protected by a reef further out and also a curve of rocks forming a breakwater near shore. No matter how rough it is, there's always a calm spot inside the breakwater. Today we took advantage of the sun and waves for a day out on the beach. The winds continue to pipe up in the 20's out of the south. There's a front coming on Thursday that will bring even more wind and cooler weather.

The entrance to Blue Heaven
We had planned on going for a sail the last day the Mehaffeys were here but the forecast for the coming front crossing the Keys was not good (wind from 20 to 30 mph, 2 to 5 ft waves) not to mention getting back into our narrow slip under those conditions! So we decided to remain in our slip and go to B.O.'s Fish Wagon that night with the McKeevers.

With Thursday settled, we headed off for Blue Heaven. The restaurant is on the expensive side but the ambiance is unbeatable and the food is out of this world. There is no roof, it's open to the stars and the floor is crushed stone. There are chickens wandering around with ones just hatched, cats underfoot, etc. However, the real attraction is the food. I had the best Yellow Tail Snapper I've ever had, actually the best fish I've ever had! The sauce was perfect with just the right amount of tartness, hard to describe. If you're even in Key West, you must go to this restaurant! The dessert was Key Lime Pie which you will find at many places in Key West and elsewhere - all claiming to be authentic and the best - they are all misled, the best Key Lime Pie is to be had at Blue Heaven!

Blue Heaven under the stars
Now, on the back of the boat, it's calm but that's going to change with the coming front passage. We'll sit it out in a peaceful harbor, there's plenty of time left for a good day sail later.