Tuesday, January 8, 2013

At Stuart at last!

Gotta stop at the Florida Welcome Center!
Ann is feeling okay but she has a splendid  black eye, and growing larger. At least it's only the left eye (no, there will be no photos - can't have a crew rebellion!) As per our practice, we stayed at a Red Roof Inn, one of the few places that will accept pets at no additional charge and also have a senior discount. This one had a  free breakfast so we got a good start around 7:30.

Coming into Florida, one must stop at the Florida Welcome Center for a free sample of their orange juice, everybody does - it's crowded but it's a Florida tradition. Onward we went and then felt the need to turn on the A/C! We arrived at the Loggerhead Marina in Stuart by 2:00 pm. We found the boat in good condition after almost two months but there was some mold in the forward bunk which I quickly wiped clean. After four loads in the cart, we were back in the boat with all our stuff. Amazing what you accumulate even when you think you're packing light!
All is well

We'll be here for two more days to unwind and enjoy the 80 degree weather before moving on south to visit Joe Mastri. Hard to imagine that only a couple of days ago we were in 20 degree weather although we heard that a warming trend is now underway, still not in the 80's though.