Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Palm Beach Yacht Center - last day

We've had some high tides due to the new moon, but it's passing now with the moon higher

Ann continues to improve and today we visited the Cleveland Clinic of Florida, one of the four top rated hospitals in the US according to US News and World Report. We wanted a Pulmonary specialist to take a look at Ann before proceeding further away from good medical help. He essentially agreed that she was on the mend so we plan on leaving the marina for Ft Lauderdale on Wednesday morning.

Joe Mastri once again came to the rescue on providing transportation and waiting while Ann was seen by the doctor. The traffic was surprisingly dense in West Palm Beach, the location of the hospital. We couldn't negotiate the downtown area at all, it was at a standstill, so we skirted around the downtown area.

Even the moon is smiling now...
Meanwhile, my phone contract came due so I upgraded to an iPhone5. I found the internet speed to be amazing (15meg), the same as the Optimum line I have at home. The downside is that you pay by the gigabyte so you can't watch HD TV streams unless you have a lot of money. You can forget about most YouTube offerings too. Otherwise, it's fine for e-mail, blogs and casual web surfing.

With Ann still under the weather somewhat, she'll be at the helm upon exit and entry into a marina and I'll handle the helm at all other times so she can rest and fully recovery. On Wednesday it's southward, 15 bridges and all!