Friday, November 16, 2012

Stuart at Loggerhead Marina - Last post until 1/7/2013

I've never seen such a parade of clouds as that over the Gulf Stream east of Stuart
I picked up the rental car this morning and spent all day getting it loaded for our trip north. We didn't  bring any warm clothes south with us so there was no problem packing. We laughed this morning when I put on a jacket and cap for taking Hoolie to land when it was all of 68 out (but the wind was blowing...)! I believe the trip north will be a shocker, how soon we forget how cold weather feels!

We have a Honda Accord for our rental which ought to be good on gas mileage and we plan on avoiding New Jersey by going through Pennsylvania, we wanted to see our daughter and her family there anyway. Hopefully there won't be a gas shortage along the way and Dutchess County will also be better in that respect.

One thing we always notice about Stuart is the closeness to the Gulf Stream and the mountains of clouds that seem to cluster over the stream to the east. They are very pretty but I imagine they would offer a rocky ride to those going to the Bahamas. We were looking at the weather but we didn't see any window for going across the Gulf Stream in the near future. Perhaps others would not be so selective but we like a smooth ride.

Our dock at night - home for Fleetwing for 1.5 months
So on Saturday it's up at 5:00 am and then a quick shower, load the final load in the car and then take off. We want to reach Pennsylvania by 3:00 see a concert our daughter plays in so it's a long day Saturday. Meanwhile, thanks for following the blog and I'm taking an intermission until our return to Stuart on January 7, 2013 when the blog will continue. We'll meet up with the Bunches the next day before setting out through the bridges portion of the ICW (25 bridges in two days!) and then onward to Marathon and Key West. Have a good Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!