Saturday, January 19, 2013

Caesar's Creek - at anchor

We're just outside the channel but safely anchored
Last night there was considerable disagreement between the NOAA marine weather prediction and grib. Grib predicted a much calmer day than NOAA. This morning the discrepancy was resolved in grib's favor. Now it appears we have a three day weather window to reach Marathon without any severe conditions, a relief after several of our outside passages were rougher than we wanted and also a relief for Ann who's still in recovery mode from her cold.

The day was perfectly calm which was good but the chancy part was crossing the bar before entering Caesar's Creek. We always time our passages to Caesar's Creek at absolute high tide and we need every inch. Today on the way in at high tide, we saw 5.1 ft on the depth meter but since we draw 4.8, we had 0.3 inches to spare, enough but tight.

From the ranger station - a calm sunset
The anchorage here is just off the main channel inside the creek. It's protected from the north and northeast so we're fine. Part of the attraction is the ranger station with a dock for our use to take Hoolie ashore. On Sunday we'll sail for Rodriguez Key for another overnight anchorage before making the final leg to Marathon on Monday.