Monday, January 14, 2013

Palm Beach Yacht Center in Hypoluxo - at a dock

Lots of flowers in bloom down here
Ann is feeling much better, what a relief! She'll see a pulmonologist on Tuesday to be sure she's doing everything she can to rapidly recover. Once again Joe Mastri is taking us to the clinic, bless Joe. Meanwhile we spent a very quiet day with Ann on the back of the boat basking in the 70 degree weather.

Radiant greens everywhere...
I've been calling around for a diver to scrape the bottom of the boat. Fleetwing sat in Stuart for 1.5 months when we were in New York and the bottom accumulated growth, enough to slow our speed by almost a full knot! That is not good news if you trying to maintain 7 kts to make the 15 bridges between here and Ft Lauderdale. Less than that speed and you'll spend time waiting 1/2 hour for the next scheduled opening at many bridges, it can make for a long day! It also makes for a very long day when traveling from Caesar's Creek to Marathon.

And in the end, a sunset
The weather here is  calming down. We had some high winds until today and we hope to take advantage of the break in the wind to make our way south, depending upon Ann's session with the pulmonologist Tuesday. Hopefully she'll get clearance to travel south on Fleetwing.

 Meanwhile, we're sitting at our dock enjoying the view of  boats coming and going. Several charter boats for fishing operate out of the marina, we wave, they wave... Mostly we're along out at the far end of the marina which suits us fine, nice and quiet. .