Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marathon - at a mooring, getting ready for crew

Post Office - marina style
We have an aft cabin which we only use when guests are aboard so you can guess what happens when we have no guests - everything get piled there, it's so convenient. However, with guests aboard, it's time to have the aft cabin look like crew could actually live there! So we're in the process of emptying it out (where to put all the stuff?) and it will find a new home somewhere on the boat.

Otherwise, all components of the boat are doing well, including the cook who doubles as the helmsman when docking. Hoolie has settled back into his role as our boat dog, making sure no birds or dinghies get too close - especially the pump out boat today! He goes ashore three times a day and seem content with that although he really gets excited when the time comes - he guards the dinghy closely during the day.

Looking for a book?  Leave one, take one. 
The marina, as does most marinas, has a postal service. You can have a package sent to the marina's address and they will hold it for you. It's the honor system as everyone pores over all the packages to find the ones addressed to them. There is also the most extensive book exchange area that I've seen at any marina (see photo) and it gets a lot of use. All in all, it's a great place to spend some warm, winter time but I'd still rather be in Key West. The weather continues to look good for a Saturday sail down the line. Strong winds come into play Sunday through Wednesday at least. We expect the Mehaffeys to join us on Friday for the sail to Key West if they're not delayed.