Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Marathon - now at a mooring

Sand, palm trees, warm breezes, what more to want?
In the morning everyone came back from vacation and we called in for a mooring. There were plenty available and in fact there are still at least 15 free, probably more. I remember when moorings were very scarce this time of the year. The usual response from people on the councils who never took an economics course is to raise prices in the face of falling demand to make up for lost revenue - and then they are surprised when even with increased prices they don't meet their revenue targets due to even more boaters finding other places to put their boats - so starts the downward spiral. Experience is the only teacher.

Oh well, we're on a mooring now and waiting for good weather to make the trek to Key West. It still appears that Saturday will be a good day for going east with the next two days not so good. Leathen and Ann Mehaffey are due to join us on Friday for the sail down the next day if they don't run into delays.

The area is crisscrossed with canals, all with condos and homes lining the sides
Key Fisheries supplied us with the fish of the day, Hog Fish, a local fish that's very good for eating. There are restaurants down here that serve nothing but Hog Fish and are famous for it. We found it tasty and we'll have it again for sure. The weather here continues to be pleasant, 73F at the moment at 8:00 pm with a high tomorrow of 78, not bad for wintertime.