Monday, January 28, 2013

Key West - The Aquarium and Mallory Square

The unicycle is very poipular
Key West has a surprisingly good aquarium for such a small town. They specialize in rescue marine animals. They had several very large turtles that had suffered from prop damage that they provided a place for. There was a marine petting zoo for the kids, feeding time for the skates where the spectators did the feeding and many exhibits of local life. I would high recommend it for anyone visiting Key West.

In the afternoon I took Leathen for the obligatory photo by the buoy marking the southern most point of continental US. There was even a line of people waiting their turn for the photo session, never saw that before.

Yep, Leathen was there!

Around 5:45 we headed over to Mallory Square for the 6:08 sunset. As usual there were many performers showing off their skills (unicycle while juggling three knives, acrobats, breaking out of chains, tightrope walking, fortune tellers and several other performers). Lots of things to look at, many kiosks set  up for selling wares. Unfortunately, the evening was cloudy but the sun just barely peeked out of the cloud bank as it set.