Thursday, January 10, 2013

Last day at Loggerhead Marina in Stuart

You may have a "visitor" when you go to leave in your car
Ann is gradually recovering from her knock on the head (black eye and all) and the last of her bout with a bad cold picked up in Poughkeepsie. The warm weather definitely helps along with everything being opened up to the breezes.

We filled up the water tanks today, washed down the boat and otherwise did "moving chores". We are "webbed in" here with lines everywhere, we did that when we left for the holidays up north but now we've got to haul them all in. It'll take awhile in the morning to get ready to move. Ann will be doing more work at the helm when we leave and enter a slip with me doing the dock work. She's getting quite proficient at it!

The marina is open to the south, we're two slips inside
We will be leaving at high tide on Friday morning to ensure a safe passage over the bar at the entrance to St Lucie River. They always seem to be dredging it but not recently so we'll see what happens. We only have 15 miles to do down the ICW to the Hobe Sound anchorage, that's fine with us for the first day out after 1.5 months. Even the next day is not very far, only 30 miles to Joe Mastri's marina. It's projected to be warm all the way. We haven't heard from either of our fellow cruisers from the Poughkeepsie Yacht club, Marty Silverstein or John Kwak. They're down here somewhere.