Sunday, January 13, 2013

Palm Beach Yacht Center - Urgent Care

The fish monster
Ann took a turn for the worse this morning and we found the nearest urgent care center. The good news is that she tested negative for the flu but still has a very bad cold. After a battery of tests, she received prescriptions for an antibiotic among others. So now we'll wait for her full recovery here in Hypoluxo. On our next leg we have 15 bridges to make to reach Ft Lauderdale and then an outside passage to Miami so Ann has to be in good shape.

Border Patrol - Florida Style
Joe Mastri has driven us around like a true friend. We greatly appreciate his help in our time of need. Meanwhile the order of the day is rest for Ann. At least the weather is cooperating with temps topping out at 80 during the day and only down to the low 70's at night. We have a comfortable slip to wait out the malady.  So we've been watching the pelicans fish. They chased a school of fish jumping out of the water to escape whatever was underneath only to find the pelicans having a feast from above. Tough being a fish in Florida.

Hopefully, Monday will bring better news. We still have a window to get to Key West if Ann gets better within the next week and a half.