Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Key West - Goodbye to the southermost city

Goodbye Key West Bight! Kinda of sad...
All good things must eventually come to an end and today is the last day we're in Key West. It was also the day we paid a second visit to the Truman Medical Center and Dr. Gerth. He said Ann had made great progress, had good color back and the pneumonia was lessening in her right lung. The bad news is that it's not gone completely but she's making progress. With that report, we'll head out Thursday morning for Newfound Harbor for Thursday night and then on to Marathon on Friday. We'll spend at least a week there, maybe longer. We'd like for Ann to completely recover before leaving Marathon but Dr. Gerth said that it may take four to six weeks for Ann to get all the way back to her old self. That's not so wonderful news but at least she's getting better.

Hoolie says goodbye too....
So I spent the day getting the boat ready for our trip east. I added water to the tanks, did a pump out, made a trip to the grocery store for needed provisions and otherwise did boat stuff. We'll shove off around 8:00 or so and also will see what the engine temperature settles at for the first good test after the elbow replacement. So there's lots of nervous energy here with the health situation, hopefully, everything will work out.