Sunday, February 19, 2012

Key West - Hot day and the high speed shuttle

Fast ship to the mainland
The temps rose to the mid-80's today, very hot for Key West. It's supposed to cool off on Monday to the low 70's for a high. We share the Key West Bight Harbor with the Key West Express. It's a high speed cat that connects Key West to Ft Myers on the Florida mainland. This time of the year it is always packed! So on addition to the cruise ships that dock sporadically by Mallory Square, we also have an influx of visitors using the Express. Needless to say, this is the high season but it's still before the avalanche of spring break crowds which start in earnest the first week in March. This past week was more crowded than usual since it conincided with Presidents' Week and many school kids had the week off.

Hummm, not as big as it first looked...
We figure things may settle down by the beginning of the week and we'll start looking for the places we haven't had the time to visit yet (so much to do, so little time...) Well, we still have 10 days left in paradise so it's not too bad.