Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Key West - Need a ride?

Must have taken a long tiime for this paint job
Another day of recovery for the crew of Fleetwing. I'm recovering but now Ann's under the weather with the same bug. So we just sat on the back of the boat and watched the world go by, not a bad past time in 78 degree weather in Key West.

I like the piano keys on the bumper
I walked Hoolie around this morning and noticed a number of Key West cars with unique paint jobs. I guess they don't have to worry about rust so the paint stays fairly new looking except it does fade in the full Florida sun with time.

Here's BO's Fish Wagon's contribution

When we took our kayak tour, the guide told us to be very careful of the grass bottom - not to disturb it. Sometimes you will see a soured path through grass where the props from a powerboat hit bottom in shallow water. The Coast Guard will levy a fine for such behavior that amounts to $500 per square foot of disturbed grass bottom (in protected areas as per the charts)!! If you're pounding along at 35 kts and wander off course, it could be an expensive experience! Most of Biscayne Bay falls into that category and also most of the stretch of water on either side of the ICW along the keys. We chose the Hawk Channel on the ocean side of the keys for our trip south for ease of mind.

Some are never going to move again

We're taking it day by day, hopefully we'll improve Thursday. We'd like to go by Sloppy Joe's if we can.