Monday, February 27, 2012

Key West - Lobster Boat

Lobster - Florida style
As you might imagine, there's lots of seafood places in Key West. One place in particular seems to have their own lobster boat comes ashore right in front of their restaurant! You can stand and watch the lobsters being sorted for size and placed into crates for shipment to nearby restaurants. The lobster boat is in addition to the fishing fleet that goes out everyday. There's lots of fish to be had and the Key West Bight Harbor is the smaller of the two major harbors for the city. The other one, Garrison Bight, has a much larger fleet ready for charter. It's an interesting area, always something going on.

The boat was backed up right to the restaurant
We usually walk Hoolie around 7:00 for his last outing of the day and that's just about when all the sunset windjammer cruises come back to dock. We get lots of oohs and aahs on Hoolie, Everyone wants to pet him. Of course, there's many dogs aroung too, all sizes and types and Hoolie is interested in every single one! He hasn't yet learned to control himself around other dogs, he's okay otherwise but other dogs are just too big an attraction.

Key West is really heating up, over 80 today, even with winds of 20 kts. We've had no rain for two weeks and the crowds continue to build. We're still recovering, counting the days until we leave on Thursday.