Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Key West - We go for a sail

Schooner America 2.0 - built in Albany, NY in 2011
Walking the docks in the morning we saw Schooner America 2.0, new since 2011. We learned that she was built in Albany, NY of all places by Scarano Boat Building. I never knew Albany had a shipyard! She runs on electric motors with a hull of high tech wood laminate in epoxy. The lower hull is aluminum and the masts and spars are carbon fiber. And, she's fast, winning the first recreation of America's Cup race in the Chesapeake in 2011. It's a sleek looking boat!

Bill and Ruth McKeever
Getting into and out of these slips requires some advance planning and help with the lines. As I noted in previous posts, there are no fingers, just two forward cleats on the dock and two piling aft, nothing else. Leaving is no big deal, you just have to remember to throw off all the lines - more than you might think of at first with the electrical line, the TV  cable, the four to the pilings, the two lines to the forward cleats, the one line from the anchor to the dock (it was lowered to allow space for the forward platform for getting on and off the boat) and the security cable to the dinghy.

Finally we got off and had a nice sail. There wasn't much sun but there was enough wind for good headway. At least the seas had settled down after the high winds of last week. Bill and Ruth McKeever of PYC was with us for the sail and they were must help for getting off and back to the dock. So for the return trip, Bill was stationed forward, Ann and Ruth to either side to handle the side lines over the two pilings to prevent the boat from banging into the dock and in we came. Everybody was right on and we tied up without a problem although Bill had to leap off the bow to the dock to secure the forward lines.

Ever enthusiastic, Hoolie says "Hi"
We're going out to lunch Thursday at Sunset Island to celebrate Valentine's Day. We'll take the shuttle out and explore the island before having lunch, a very nice atmosphere and good food.