Thursday, February 23, 2012

Key West - Another recovery day but with Key West pizza

Blue Heaven Restaurant
There's a couple of places everybody goes to when in Key West but since we've been incapacitated I took a walk to take a look instead of a night out. The first place is the Blue Heaven Restaurant in Bahama Village, a section of Key West further downtown. It's somewhat like Schooner's with the easting area outdoors with a sandy base (no floor). There's little coverage from the elements so it's not wise to go on a rainy day. It's also heavily wooded with many trees so there's no problem with sun exposure. Even so, the prices for dinner are rather high, even for Key West but lunch is more in line with the rest of the town. It's the ambiance that attracts the crowd. If you have breakfast there, expect roosters to keep you company and provide some background music. They seem to be around at all hours.

Sloopy Joe's
The second must see place it Sloopy Joe's. They have constant live music at all hours and the place is always packed. I dropped by this afternoon when Barry Cuda was playing and there wasn't an empty table to be had.

Across the street is Paradise Pizza which advertises NYC type thin crust pizza so we went for that for an easy dinner given Ann's continued recovery. Actually, the pizza was quite good, better than I expected in Key West.

Now, there are just too many places in Key West to say that these are the top ones to see (don't forget Schooner Wharf Bar!!), far from it - we are novices at seeing Key West, that's part of the fun, discovery - and there's no much more to discover!