Friday, February 24, 2012

Key West - Truman Medical Center

Moon and Venus over Schooner Wharf Bar
There are times when medical attention is needed so where do you go when cruising? You have a family doctor back home but there's no one familiar where you're at. We've used urgent care centers in the past and have found them to be excellent, somewhat to our surprise. You don't need an appointment and they accept all insurance providers. Today we had need of one. Both of us had developed colds going into coughs but Ann's became more severe. We called a taxi for the Truman Medical Center and signed in, filling out detailed forms on our past medical history.

What a well kept car - in front of Truman Medical Center
Dr. Gerth saw us and asked very detailed questions, explaining in even greater detail what he thought the problem was and the reasons for his conclusions after he did a few tests including a chest X-ray. Ann has a mild case of pneumonia from the cold and is now being treated for the condition. We are both on antibiotics and medication to allow sleeping at night without being awaken by coughing.

I wish the doctor we had at home would be so thorough and take the time to explain everything - perhaps they are too rushed. We received personal attention at the Center. In short, we've been very happy with the service we've received from all of the several urgent care centers we've visited over the course of our cruising these past two years.

Meanwhile, we're are entering serious recovery mode with very little outside contact. It's rest and recuperation for us! We certainly want to get this taken care of before we leave for points north, especially when several of the stops along the way will be at anchorages without ready access to medical help. Still, what better place for recovery than Key West!


Thehoc1 said...

Bob and Ann,
Glad you were at the right place to care for your health needs. I know how you feel being away from home and need medical attention. Marcia and I being here in Mexico have the same thoughts,if we need a doctor. Thankfully there is a hospital 20 minutes away. Wishing you both a quick recovery.