Saturday, February 18, 2012

Key West - The crew from Connecticut goes north

Fleetwing crew headed north
All good things come to an end and the crew's vacation was no exception. It was a great week with kayaks, two beach days, Cuban sandwiches, BO's Fish Wagon for piano playing with Barry Cuda, porch dining at A&B Lobster House, Mallory Square for sunset and a sail on Fleetwing  - all in wonderful high 70's weather with no rain - what more to ask?

Turtle Kraals - a local tradition

We are now alone again so we rearranged the boat to our pleasure and refilled the water tanks. We did a major laundry today and some provisioning so we're set for awhile. We don't have to leave until 2/29, a Wednesday when our destination will be Newfound Harbor before continuing on to Marathon.

This monster was parked right in front of us! - Gene Machine

Quite a few new boats came in today. Our view to the south is shaded by Gene Machine, a 130 ft motoryacht! Their tender is about 30 ft long! I think we are starting to get into the spring break era with all the increase in crowds we've seen the last couple of days. Maybe it'll thin out again next week. We still have a few to dos yet: a session at Sloppy Joes, a visit to the Wyland Art Gallery and a couple more night outs for dining. We certain enjoy Key West, I would recommend it for everyone.