Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Key West - Eaton Street Seafood Market

Sticker shock!
There is a food market two blocks down and three over that stocks the basic and plenty more for the tourists, Fausto's Food Palace. When it comes to meat, they have delusions of grandeur. Their tenderloin steaks were $40.99/lb! If you only wanted beef loin strip steaks you could save a bundle at only $23.99/lb. Needless to say, we didn't buy any meat there but they had the usual ice cream, orange juice and grapefruit at somewhat reasonable prices. We'll do our major provisioning when Philip and his family arrive late Saturday night for a week's stay.

BO's Fish Wagon (BO are the owner's initials (not body odor!)
On the way back from Fausto's, I stopped by Eaton Fish Market to see what they had for fish. Well, they had a great selection, higher in price than what we've paid in the past but not too much so and I picked up a pound of fresh tuna. The owner said they ship it in from Hawaii every two days, not frozen. Ann pan seared it, just great, still pink in the middle as we like it. On anther day we'll get the local Mahi-Mahi. At left you can see BO's Fish Wagon pictured. There's not much in the way of a roof - or sides for that matter. You can see why they were closed in the Sunday deluge.

We got some rain today, just sprinkles but it looked rather threatening. We ran the A/C for the first time today down here, mostly to dehumidify the cabin. Our sailing day still looks good for Wednesday with Bill and Ruth from PYC. It will be our first test of the exhaust elbow replacement's affect on the engine temperature. Hopefully, that's the fix.