Monday, February 6, 2012

Key West - At Schooner Wharf Bar

There's always entertainment at Schooner's
It was not supposed to be a very good day and certainly not one for sailing and it even looked threatening. However, none of the bad stuff happened and it turned sunny in the afternoon. Nevertheless, we had already canceled the sail on the strength of the "forecast" and now it's scheduled for Wednesday.

At Galleon you get a finger dock - but pay a lot more!
I was walking over to the dock office when I met Lee and Linda from the Catskill Yacht Club on the Hudson River in New York (it's a small world). They were in Key West for two weeks and so I invited them to the boat for wine and cheese at 5:00. They are looking to go down the ICW too someday. Later it was over to Schooner Wharf Bar for dinner and to listen to their band. We had a center table and overhead were the stars! It must have been a very wet Super Bowl during the Sunday downpours. The  band was enthusiastic with volume and the food was good and with new friends enjoying the conversation, what more to ask?