Thursday, February 2, 2012

Key West - Down Duval Street at night

Sloppy Joe's is hopping
Well, it's not really at night, more like early evening (we're sailboaters...) This is one place where they do not roll up the sidewalks at night, like some of the harbor towns that cater to sailboaters. So Ann and I walked the couple of blocks with Hoolie in tow to Duval Street and down aways before turning back. As we approached a bar, the band playing would become louder but then fade as we went past to be replaced by the band from the next bar - and so on down the street. Every bar had a band and there were lots of bars. Unfortunately, we didn't go into any this night, perhaps some other time.

A look down Duval Street
One topic of conversation around here is the accident on Appledore where a rigger fell to his death from 50 ft up the mast. It seems that he did not have a safety line, just one line supporting him and it wasn't secured correctly - not enough turns on a cleat. The girl holding the line on the cleat couldn't keep it from slipping. Why would anyone climb a mast without a safety line?? There are always hazards on a sailboat but one should always take precautions - there's no "rewind" in life.

How's that for the name of a saloon!
With the exhaust elbow repaired and, hopefully, a fix for the overheating problem - we'll do a test drive and sail on Monday when these high winds are supposed to abate. Bill and Ruth McKeever are due to go out with us where we plan on crossing the reefs to deep water, should be fun.