Sunday, February 12, 2012

Key West - The Connecticut Crew Arrives

The captain stands on the platform over the motor and pushes the boat with a stick, shallow water fishing!
In order to get a good price on the airplane tickets, Philip and family flew out of Newburgh, NY. They live near Hartford, Connecticut but the fares offered by Jet Blue for a direct flight to Fort Lauderdale could not be beat (around $200 round trip, leaving at 2:00 pm). They rented a car for the final leg to Key West and arrived around 10:00 pm.

Always one around
Unfortunately, they arrived in the midst of a cool spell with temps only in the mid 60's but they thought it was warm! For the rest of the week, temperatures are slated to return to the normal range of high 70's. Today was spent provisioning, no beach time today - given the 20 to 25 kt winds and 60's temps! The locals were out in the usual uniform of the day for any temperatures below 70, namely a hooded sweatshirt drawn tightly around the face showing only eyes, nose and mouth (no chin, no hair) with long pants. Of course the tourists were all out in shorts and tee shirts, especially the Canadians. Still, the windjammers did not have their full compliment of passengers today, it would have been much colder on the water.

Monday hopes to be a better day, perhaps even a beach day if it warms up enough.