Monday, July 25, 2011

Stonington - At anchor

This guy was headed straight for us! (he missed...)
We didn't have far to go for Stonington from Block Island so we had a lazy morning with a full breakfast. We finally got off around 10:00 or so (being retired is fun!) and headed west. Naturally there was no wind so motoring was the order of the day. We prefer to take Lord's Passage into Fishers Island Sound  instead of the more common Watch Hill Passage since the former is much smoother and has less traffic.

Once again we dropped the hook in the designated anchorage area and aimed for western  extremity of the anchorage, furthest away from the entrance where swells come in. We still rock some but much less so than out by the green buoy where we used to anchor.

Being in Stonington, we took advantage of the wholesale fish market downtown and bought flash frozen sea scallops which were caught locally, excellent dinner! In Stonington, we never miss the fish market!

All the storms seemed to have either passed north or passed south, everything missed us - of course by me saying this, I've guaranteed a dead center hit tonight! Oh well, what comes, will come. We're aiming for Branford on Tuesday for two days. We need to have the freezer recharged for our trip south, there's always something. Meanwhile, the genset is running fine.