Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hinckley Day 5 - Everybody knows us now

Even in this economy, they are still busy building picnic boats ($715k each)
Out for our morning walk, Jim, our electrician, "Hi Bob, how are you doing?" "Fine", I say. we walk for awhile and see our mechanic, "Hi Bob", "Oh, hi Paul, how's the genset?" I go upstairs to the main office, "Hi Bob", says the secretary. Bob Hood passes by (his father started Little Harbor Maine and is famous for Little Harbor sailboats) and says, "Hi Bob". I work my way into the depths of the office complex and am greeted by the manager of my present work order, "Hi Bob", "Hi Andy", I say in return. It has come to mind that when most of the repair facility knows you by your first name, that's can't be good, especially for the pocketbook. However, Hinckley does do good work and I need the work done. So hi everybody!

A better day with a fix on order for the genset
After consultation between the Hinckley mechanic (Paul) and Panda service support after taking the genset apart - they agreed that the problem was most likely (!?) in the governor. The springs which control the weights that react to the centripetal force of the spinning governor must have weakened, allowing he motor to over rev, increasing the voltage. So a new governor is on order and will hopefully arrive Wednesday, be installed later that day and then the genset will be installed back into the boat on Thursday, tested and we could leave either late Thursday (unlikely) or sometime Friday. All this is assuming everything arrives as ordered and on time. Then there's the time needed to get a second mortgage on the house...