Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hook Mt - At anchor

Hell Gate - Still there!
We came through Hell Gate with very little traffic, a smooth ride right just before a favorable tide so when we cleared the end of Manhattan, the tide was actually in our favor for several hours. With the heat, we opted for Hook Mt which is open to the breezes (as long they are not too strong).

The wind was predicted to be out of the northwest but when we arrived at Hook Mt it was out of the northeast, not a good direction since it blew directly into the anchorage. However, we had faith in the weatherman (Ha!) that the breezes for the night would moderate and be out of the northwest as predicted... We'll see.

The Freedom Tower is now the tallest building at the end of Manhattan
Meanwhile, we still plan on being back to PYC on Sunday afternoon and will go out for dinner that night at the Eveready Diner to give the cook a break. Off-load time is Monday morning and we start preparing for our one week at Ocean City, NJ with the kids in August. Don't forget to come to our 8/27 (a Saturday night) get together at PYC starting 6:00 pm (bring a small hors d'oeuvre, we'll bring the rest) for a presentation on our trip down the ICW last year.