Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mattituck - At anchor

Gardens around the dinghy dock
We could have left today but we just decided to hang out and take it easy for a day. The anchorage is completely protected and the town nearby has everything we need within easy walking distance. Mattituck is a miniature version of a complete town. It has a post office, a pharmacy, a hardware store, a grocery store, a cheese shop, a chocolate shop, a deli, several restaurants, a pizza place, a bank, a Laundromat, wine shop and probably a few other things I forgot to mention. All this is within 5 minutes of walking from the dinghy dock at the anchorage. So one could comfortably spend an extended stay here at no cost since the anchorage is free.

A rather large boat used for working on a launch ramp - guarded by a seagull

So we just took it easy today but we're probably going to move on Thursday towards Stonington if the weather holds. Meanwhile I continue to explore the iPad 2 that Ann bought me for Father's Day. Even as a Microsoft bigot, I've come to admire what it can do, mainly from the thousands of applications (apps) that have been written for the tablet. It excels at web surfing and the marine navigation apps are outstanding. I'll publish a summary in the future.