Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hinckley Day 7 - Genset parts arrive!

Paul - our mechanic on the Panda
Going to the office this morning, I was anxiously looking for the arrival of the shipment from Panda. It was supposed to come Wednesday but was delayed for some reason. It was not here 10:30 and I found that the UPS truck sometimes does not arrive until 11:30, there was still hope. A call to the UPS tracker revealed that it was scheduled to be delivered Friday - another day! No, no said the Hinckley rep, it was rescheduled for Thursday. After checking the manifest and with UPS delivery, it was found to be scheduled for Thursday after all. Finally it did arrive around 11:45 and Paul (in the photo) started the reassembly process with the new governor.

Unfortunately, Paul did not find anything obviously wrong with the old governor. I tell myself that it may not be obvious if a weak spring is causing the problem - you would have to measure it somehow. At any rate, it's all going back together and  being returned to the  boat locker Friday afternoon where it will be hooked up again and started for the first time since the repair. They'll put various loads in the genset to test it out and if all goes well, we'll leave Saturday morning for Stonington and points west.
This repair has consumed the last two weeks counting our first visit to Hinckley and their first adjustment. If this genset ever has to be replaced, it won't be with a Panda! Meanwhile, it's been not too hot here with temps in the 70's and occasionally in the 80's. We've had lots of wind, gusts to 25 kts all day and plenty of wind is forecast for Friday too but Saturday is supposed to be calm, our day to go west.