Saturday, July 23, 2011

Newport - At anchor - We finally leave Hinckley!!

Many 12 meter yachts out today in Newport
Although the genset was installed last night, it had to be hooked up to the electrical lines this morning. That involved getting an electrician to come in on Saturday. It turned out that he had just gotten engaged the previous Wednesday and had a party go attend on Friday night so he couldn't stay late then. He appeared on the scene around 10:30 proceeded to reintegrate the genset into the electrical supply of the boat. Alas, everything went well electrically but there was a fuel leak. There are copper washers in the fuel supply that are apparently one-use items. They are designed to deform somewhat to accommodate minor mismatches between connectors and once deformed, they don't like to take a second set. The problem was finally resolved when the substitute mechanic (not Paul) came with a new set of copper washers (not previously deformed).

Nice dinghy dock - why pick up a mooring?
So here we are at Newport once again, this time at anchor since all the moorings were filled. As it turned out, it was actually a good choice. There's more room to anchor than first appears. Plus, there's a dinghy dock that's excellent for taking Hoolie ashore that's nearby. It sure beats paying $45/day for a mooring a few feet away.

We were having our wine in the cockpit when Ann spied a boat that looked familiar. She got out the binoculars and found that it was Marty Silverstein with his wife Ellen. They were anchored only a couple of boats away. We motored over and paid our respects over a glass of wine offered by Marty before taking Hoolie ashore later.  Nice to meet people from PYC on our cruise. On Sunday we're off to Stonington.