Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hinckley - We explore the coast

It looked eerie bobbing about in the wind, like it was alive
Saturday and Sunday are non-work days at Hinckley unless you want to pay for emergency overtime. We weren't in that much of a hurry so today we checked out the complimentary minivan again and went for a tour of the coast south of Newport. The weather was absolutely perfect with temps in the low 80's with low humidity in full sun. We discovered the many parks on the peninsula with stunning views and on today a very steady wind. Kites abounded of all sizes and shapes. There were even acrobatic kites where three fliers were weaving and bobbing around each other, fascinating to watch - as if they were birds with their own volition.

Three more sea creatures

None of the parks had an entrance fee and people were out in abundance, kids everywhere. On the way we passed through downtown Newport and it was packed also, no evidence of any recession here as far as I could see.

I won't know anything more about our genset until sometime Monday, for now we wait.