Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Branford Day 2 - Matthew and family arrive for a day in the pool

Not much to look at from the outside - but great fried seafood!
Bruce and Johnson's Brewers Marina has a wonderful pool so whenever we're there we try to have Matthew and family come down for a visit. Matthew continues to grow but he's still shorter than me! (so far)

We had our freezer repairman drop by today, Jerry Staunton of Thermal Dynamics, and he recharged the freezer, it had lost some refrigerant over the past four years. We'll monitor the temperatures over the next few days. Today was for a quick recharge, if that doesn't do the trick, then a longer vacuum pump down will be needed (overnight) but that can wait until we're back at PYC. The freezer is the last of the to dos to get ready for our trip down the ICW in September.
We got our Lenny's fix tonight, none better for fried seafood! On Wednesday we're headed for Port Jefferson and hopefully a sail but you never know - lots of wind today but today we're weren't sailing!