Saturday, July 2, 2011

Branford - At a dock

Even a marina can have a pretty sunset
Although the morning was clear and the air fresh, there was no wind. So we headed out towards Branford under the iron genny - which has gotten quite a workout on this trip. We had thought that there would be more wind in late June and early July but we haven't seen it yet.
Pulling into Branford we took on fuel before docking at Bruce and Johnson. The yacht club fuel dock is now open to the public, it had been closed for the last few years to anybody but yacht club members. The dock price is rather expensive at $3.50/ft but after your first visit, you can return and get a 25% discount. We're there for three days but we can't get the discount until we leave and then return, the 2nd and 3rd days of a three day stay don't count towards the 25% discount since it's all in the same visit. Oh well, the pool is excellent and it's the primary reason we chose Branford. Our three grandkids greatly enjoy the pool and it serves to wear them out a bit.

The grownups greatly enjoy Lenny's! Their fried clams are the best on the coast. However, on a 4th of July weekend you had better arrive either before 5:00 pm or after 7:00 pm or else expect a 45 to 60 min wait. They have attendants in the parking area directing cars and you pick up an electronic buzzer to be notified when you table is ready, such crowds!

Bruce and Johnson also has cable TV at each dock so the kids can watch their favorite programs while the adults can sit and talk a bit up in the cockpit. We'll be here for two more days before heading east. I'm sure there will be lots of pool time coming up.