Thursday, July 14, 2011

Newport - At a mooring, last day

Main street in Newport
The wind blew like stink all day long but has finally calmed down this evening. However, we did have some excitement. It seems that Hoolie made a dietary indiscretion which resulted in a rapid transit. All these were terms we learned off the internet - after the fact. The "dietary indiscretion" as far as we can figure out was partaking of what was left over by the seagulls on the docks at Hinckley, both what they left and what went through them...  The "rapid transit" describes the speed at which his "dietary indiscretions" passed through him! We had a mess to clean up in the morning, no fun! So now he's to have no food for 24 hours, some water and some water with chicken bouillon (salt free), nothing else. He seems to be better now, we'll see how the night passes.

Nice dinghy dock - right downtown

Otherwise, it was a fun day exploring Newport which is as busy as ever. We had pulled-pork BBQ for lunch and just enjoyed the summer day - windy on the water but calm in town. If you're on a mooring, there's an excellent dinghy dock for your use. It only has room for 10 or so dinghies but surprisingly, it was never full - we could always find room.

Friday, it's off to Cuttyhunk. Hope Hoolie's better in the morning...


sharman said...

So in Newport you did not have to make a reservation in advance for a mooring? $45 beats $260 on the dock.............we hope to make Newport. Hope Hoolie is better!