Sunday, July 3, 2011

Branford day 3 - At a dock

Nice area for a cookout - new grills too
It was supposed to be 90 today with full sun but instead it rained with overcast skies all day, bummer! Ann had bought me an iPod 2 for Father's Day so today I explored its capabilities while the kids went to the pool between showers and watched TV and played computer games otherwise. One needs lots of diversions for today's kids.

On the iPad2, Apple has finally provided decent capabilities with the addition of a dual core processor and a camera with 720p video that can drive a full size LCD flat panel TV. I was interested as a tablet computer to use in the cockpit, perhaps as a supplement to the chartplotter at the helm. Its too early to tell how that will work out but it's not a replacement for a laptop from what I've seen so far. I'll report on progress in later blogs.

Branford Bruce and Johnson Marina has a good cookout area with charcoal and gas grills which we used this afternoon for hamburgers, making the run between the grills and the boat between showers. It's movie night tonight with Avatar.