Monday, July 11, 2011

Hinckley in Melville, RI - At a dock for service

Spectular, but not for the ICW!
Another glorious day with light winds so we motored north to get our genset serviced. Whenever we have a choice, we always go with Hinckley. We've found them to be top notch and they back up their repairs. Any Hinckley shop along the coast will right whatever is wrong at no additional cost.

In our case we noted that the genset was gradually speeding up with time and to the point that the Prosine charger wouldn't even come on because the voltage generated by the Panda was too high. So we thought to get it repaired before we went down the ICW another time.

Hinckley here is busier than I thought it would be. The yachts, as usual, as among the most beautiful I've ever seen. The varnishing is fantastic, the curves are sensual... We are the ugly duckling among the beauties - but don't care, we like our boat better than any here since it's fixed up for long term cruising. Many here are day sailors or else very large for ocean crossings. We're sort of in the middle in boat size.

The boat at right had 14 dorades!

Hinckley was busy on the genset but with no resolution yet, they want to double check with Panda central before taking things apart. We also need the outboard looked at and a few other minor things so we expect to be here a few days before heading out to Cuttyhunk. Meanwhile, we ate out at the Melville Diner which I highly recommend, excellent sandwiches! It's nice here in the marina, calm.