Friday, July 29, 2011

Manhasset - At a free mooring

Fishing from the town pier
There are 10 free moorings sponsored by the Town of West Hampton, bright yellow in color. We arrived around 5:00 pm in a round about way. In the morning it was raining hard at Port Jefferson so we lazed around waiting for the rain to quit but it took two hours off our start. Then, looking at the clouds on the way to Manhasset, we decided to duck into Northport and drop the hook.

After lunch, thing seemed to brighten up so we pulled anchored and started out once again towards Manhasset. Once safely at one of the free moorings, we quickly got Hoolie ashore at the West Hampton town dock (also free) for his relief and just as we returned to the boat, the heavens opened up and it poured for a couple of hours.

Like many of the towns in the area, West Hampton has town docks where they allow fishing from their pier, it's a nice area, well kept and there are shops in the area for ice and deli sandwiches (up the hill about 1000 ft).  There's no grocery store nearby but the deli has snacks and bread. Many of the yacht clubs are experiencing financial problems and one closed recently (Knickerbocker YC).
Our plans are to overnight in Haverstraw Bay on Saturday and arrive at PYC on Sunday afternoon unless the weather has other plans.