Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hinckley - Last day at a dock (we hope)

Pretty to look at - impossible to afford
Today was genset day and reprovisioning day. It turns out that Hinckley has a courtesy car, actually a minivan for use by customers. So we restocked for the rest of the trip out until our return in August to PYC. Sadly, our 2 cycle Nissan outboard of 17 years finally bit the dust and we bought a new 6 hp Mercury outboard, 4 cycle. It's heavier than the 2 cycle by 9 lbs but it's still manageable given our use of the motor lift on the back of the boat. The dealer ran it for us in his tank so we know it works okay but we haven't tried it our ourselves yet.

Too tall?
The saga of the genset continues. Hinckley technicians appeared every hour or so with a new test agreed upon between them and Panda technical support. Each one was aimed at finding something wrong with some component other than the speed governor, they all proved negative. Finally there was nothing left to do other than start digging into the innards of the genset looking for a mechanical reason for the increased rpms.. They did find a loose pin associated with the governor mechanism and upon tightening that, the genset behaved as spec'ed. However, the confidence is not high with that fix and so we will be taking rpm and voltage measurements whenever we run the genset to see if the rpm starts to creep up again - as it has done in the past after other adjustments. Hopefully, it's fixed.

What is this?
We've run the A/C all day today, very hot! We plan on leaving Wednesday for Newport and a mooring for a couple of days provided Hinckley completes one more task with the genset seacock in the morning. We actually got a lot done while here and we like the area but it's time to leave.